My name is Robert Mistriel. I am presently serving a 25 years-to-life sentence in a California State Prison for murder. A murder which I did not physically commit. A murder that many say could have been avoided if the officials of Kern County, California had not been complicit in a decades long cover-up of official misconduct, abuse of power, molestation of children, drugs, sex and murder.

On January 19, 2003, Bakersfield Californian Journalist Robert Price wrote a seven page article chronicling the decades long corruption in the Kern County D.A.'s office; their official misconduct, abuse of power and the molestation of children by the very politicians empowered to run Kern County. My story was a major part of his article.

From the ages of 13 to 17 (1977 - 1981) I was sexually, physically, and mentally abused by a group of Kern County political figures and business men known as the "Lords of Bakersfield." Inclusive within this group was California State Senator Don Rogers; Kern County District Attorney, Ed Jagels; Stan Harper, political campaign manager to both Rogers and Jagels; Kern County Personnel Director, Edwin Buck; Alfred Theodore "Ted" Fritts, Editor of the Bakersfield Californian; and many other political and influential business leaders in and around Bakersfield.

I have been incarcerated since 1981, and to date, not one single elected, appointed, or local official has been questioned, charged, or held accountable for their actions. - I have long contended that had my probation officer, Ms. Rockholt, and other Probation Officials responsible for my safety and well being been "proactive" on my behalf and had put forth a sincere effort to remove me from that abusive environment, that I would not be where I am today, and that Mr. Buck would not have come to the end of his life on that ill fated July day in 1981. I have always felt that the "system" completely failed me.

I have no means of affording proper legal representation, nor could I ever match the legal resources of those politicians. In light of the recently enacted California legislation granting a "moratorium" on the Statue of Limitations on Child abuse, I am seeking representation for civil actions against the County Probation Office and Officials for their admitted failure to protect me, and the community they served. My probation officer is quoted in the Californian article as saying, "Obviously, we failed." Excuse me if I find that a gross understatement.

I want my life back. All circumstances considered, I want to go home. I am desperately seeking someone, ANYONE, who might be willing to help me with a civil suit. Someone with the courage to take on the political, the powerful, the influential, the elite, the "molesters of children" and hold them accountable for their "sins."

In 1998 I compiled a "Letter of facts," also referred to in the Californian article, regarding the events and circumstances that lead to the murder of Mr. Buck. That, and the Californian article are available on this web site for your perusal. There is also a third article titled "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" that I come by many many years ago. It's origins I do not recall, but I believe it was from another newspaper reporter somewhere in California who covered my trial. It is very interesting reading.

To contact me directly, please address correspondance to:

Robert Mistriel
#C-78824, B6-242
Mule Creek State Prison
P.O. Box 409040
Ione, CA 95640

E-Mail recieved here will be forwarded to me by the Web Master who is a personal friend.
He is also available as an "outside contact" at 817-483-1908.

And now, enter the realm of the "Lords of Bakersfield."