If you're looking to perform a true "Christian's good work" then may I suggest you start by looking here.  There are tens of thousands of prison inmates in desperate need of a true and sincere "friend."  But I warn you, you won't be prepared for what you might discover.  That not every prisoner is a "bad person."  Many, if not most, are actually "good people" who just made a stupid decision at one moment in their lives.  Many forget that they are human beings, with the same human needs of friendship, companionship, and love that all of us so easily take for granted.  Mores the pity that most "good Christians" forget that their very Idol and His closest followers were all imprisoned at one time.  "Prison" is where true Christianity has it's roots and where we should find it's sincerest and most truthful expression.

Please don't turn your back on Prison Inmates.
Many of them are lonely. Family and friends have abandoned them, and they are truly seeking friendship. Reach out, and touch someone's life today.

Matthew 25, verse 36